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The Friars is open every day from Dawn to dusk, all are welcome. We are home to a community of Carmelite fathers and have been since 1242, Whitefriars to give them their taditional name, but it is much more, it's a centre for pilgrimages, a centre for conferences, retreats and our guest house offer accomadation. You are free to look around. The Chapels are there for your personal prayer and you are always welcome to attend the services.

We have many facilities at your disposal, West Barn houses the gift shop and refreshments. Please make your self at home, The Picnic are there for you to use and if you want more information please ask.

Be sure to find the Great Courtyard which is home the Pilgrims Hall, where pilgrims since  1242 have rested  on their journey.

We all wish you an enjoyable Visit, Look forward to seeing you very soon.

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Aylesford, Kent ME20, UK