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Blakeney Point is a perfect breeding site for gray seals, and pup survival rates are high with just 5% mortality. Gray seal pups are born on Blakeney Point during November, December, and early January. In 2001 just 25 pups were born, but we have seen numbers increase year after year and Blakeney Point has become the largest seal colony in England with over 2,700 seal pups born in 2017.

The best way to get close and personal to the wildlife on Blakeney Point is to book a trip on one of the locally-operated ferry trips departing from Morston Quay. These are very popular, must always be booked in advance, and run at different times according to the tide. Please check with individual providers for more information and to book.

Bishop's Boats

Bishop's Boats have been running seal watching trips departing from the picturesque Blakeney harbour and Morston quay since the early 1960's. This family run business has two traditional purpose built clinker construction wooden boats and one smaller boat. Trips run seasonally.

Ptarmigan Blakeney Point Seal Trips

Ptarmigan Blakeney Point Seal Trips are a family-run, local business offering daily boat trips out to Blakeney Point.

Temples Seal Trips

The Temple family has been operating boat trips for well over 60 years, with skipper Jim starting when he was just 9 years old!! The whole family helps run the business, with future generations often on board learning the ropes.


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